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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  October 9, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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unborn child. but now proposition 34 could take these convicted killers off death row. >> the best way is not to use murder. >> reporter: the catholic church is telling its 10 million member congregation in california to stop using the death penalty by voting yes on the proposition 34. if passed more than 725 prisoners would be taken off death row and sentenced to life without parole. former san quentin warden says, getting rid of the death penalty would save the state $130 million per year. >> during my time there almost 100 died of natural causes or suicide. almost 100 others had their sentences overturned after years of appeals. when you think about it, we're spending this money on a handful of individuals who are right over there at san quentin who will likely die at san quentin. and it just makes no sense. >> reporter: she believes that the constant trials and appeals
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hurt victims' families for a longer period of time. >> some of them asked for the death penalty and came to realize the years of appeal and reading about the offender over and over again in the newspaper was a burden to them. >> reporter: opponents of prop 34 who want to keep the death penalty say it's not about money. it's about safety. >> does it cost more for the death penalty? is it near as much? no. should it cost more than other cases in the criminal justice system? of course. it's the highest punishment. is it talk about when we talk about serial killers, cop killers, baby killers. we'll never know if it's a deterrent but it's a deterrent when sentence is imposed without pay doubt. >> reporter: in the latest field poll conducted in conjunction with uc-berkeley it shows among likely voters about 42% vote yes. that means that would get rid of the death penalty. 45% said no to proposition 34. that means you would keep the
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death penalty. and 13% were still undecided. so here's what's interesting about the field poll. they have been checking voter sentiment for 50 years now and consistently it shows that voters have been in support of the death penalty especially for heinous crimes. but the last several years, the field poll noted that voters had actually had a decreased support for the death penalty. so clearly, this poll is so close it's still up for grabs. >> still an emotional debate, too. grace lee, thanks. it is back to the battleground states for president obama after a brief bay area fundraising stop. air force one left sfo a few million dollars heavier this morning. though money coming from a pair of high dollar campaign events in san francisco yesterday. now it's on to ohio. a make-or-break state could decide the entire election. ahead at 6:30, how each candidate is trying to swing the critical battleground states into his own column. right now san francisco's
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board of supervisors is considering the fate of ross mirkarimi. you're seeing a live picture now from city hall, where the board could decide tonight if a domestic violence case will cost the suspended sheriff his job. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez has been monitoring the testimony. joe. >> reporter: this hearing is going into its fourth hour now and they are expecting some decision within the next few hours. >> reporter: as suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi and his wife looked on the board of supervisors special hearing began with the formal decision from the ethics commission. chairman ben hur told the supervisors how after nine hearings over 5.5 months, a majority of his commission thought mirkarimi was guilty of official misconduct for bruising his wife's arm after an argument on new year's eve before he took the oath of office but hur made it clear he disagreed with his colleagues. >> i think the conduct was morally inappropriate. i think it was wrongful. but there must, i think, be a line between official misconduct
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and personal misconduct. and i could not find a principled way to make that distinction based on the arguments suggested by the mayor and ultimately the decision made by the majority. >> reporter: next the mayors and sheriff's lawyers took turns giving their final arguments as to whether mirkarimi should remain sheriff. >> the ethics commission found the conduct was serious that he committed this conduct after he had already been elected to office, and they also found that this misconduct was centrally related to the duties that the sheriff has. >> i submit to you that removing a democratically elected official from office for a misdemeanor committed while he wasn't even in office is not justice. >> reporter: earlier in the day mirkarimi supporters crowded the steps of city hall, many of the same folks inside now giving public comments not supervisors. >> we are here as a family.
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our extended family fighting for justice. this is a family that wants to be together and it's a very important moment for san francisco. >> reporter: they have been hearing from the public for the last couple of hours. dana, last i checked there were about 100 people in line so this could go a couple of more hours. after that they are expecting to have a vote from the board of supervisors, but as we have all learned from this entire ordeal, expect the unexpected. they don't have to finish this thing tonight. a lot of people hope they do. >> thank you, joe vazquez. bay area headlines. the oakland officer who shot and killed a teenager during a pursuit has been cleared of any charges. prosecutors say officer miguel masso acted in self-defense when 18-year-old alan bluford pointed a loaded semi-automatic pistol at him in may. bluford was shot three times in the chest and shoulder. a veteran uc-berkeley police officer accidentally shot himself in the leg this morning. he was getting dressed in the
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police department locker room in sproul hall when the gun went off. he will be okay. in calistoga authorities blew up a crate of ether at the napa county fairgrounds today. wooden crate containing 24 pounds of the volatile dangerous material was found yesterday. it was originally part of a stash of disaster supplies for a 200-bed hospital. it had been stored at the fairgrounds since 1957. while so many places put the brakes on those red light cameras, the bay area city that could spend millions of dollars for more of them. >> entangled sea lions at the san francisco pier, our exclusive video of the rescue. >> a beautiful finish to a lovely tuesday in the bay area. also things are shaping up on the san andreas fault. we'll have the latest after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a hit-and-run crash near an antioch school put three people in the hospital today. a crossing guard, her young son and another woman were injured outside turnerment this morning. witnesses say the driver was speeding and trying to pass cars lined up to drop children off at school. the suv ran through the intersection, plowed into the pedestrians, and crashed into another car according to police. the driver and the passenger then got out and ran. >> and all of a sudden the car caught on fire and the policeman ran over there with fire extinguisher to put it out. >> police say that a man later returned, said he was the driver, and admitted he had been drinking. he was arrested. police are still searching for the other person. well, still not clear if they make the streets any safer, but one thing is certain, wherever red light cameras go up, a heated debate is sure to follow. cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo on the bay area city that could soon put a lot more of them on the streets and why some drivers are saying, that's a
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good idea. reporter: the last light before the freeway entrance is often the last place you want to stop. and the city of oakland knows that and has a red light camera on 27th and northgate, one of 13 cameras in 11 intersections, one that nabbed this driver. >> i was fixing myself and i was went through the light when i was going to san francisco. >> reporter: the city of oakland is considering more than doubling the number of cameras in this city to 30. carolyn sharp used to drive a tanks -- used to drive a taxi here and is all for it. >> they need to put more up for the simple fact that not only do we have a lot of red light runners, but we also have a lot of showboating. >> reporter: it will cost the city about $2 million to extend the contract with the red light camera company for three years. the city brings in about $1.3 million each year from tickets which is quite a contrast to about a half dozen other bay area cities that have either abandoned red light cameras or are in the process because it's not cost-effective. emeryville did away with theirs
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in june. >> smaller city so they might --they're more law-abiding citizens in emeryville. >> reporter: in oakland the cameras are set up so not every violator is caught. >> the camera doesn't click unless you're moving 15 miles an hour. so for all those rolling red turns which is --there's one intersection in particular, you have to be really moving right through that intersection before you get a ticket. >> reporter: some members of the city council want to explore something else. studies show lengthening the duration of the yellow light can prevent more collisions than a camera. and it's not clear if the cameras are having the desired effect. police say some of the intersections have seen fewer collisions. some have not. >> that's why it's hard for to us make a decision. so i mean, i am asking for more information. >> reporter: councilmembers say since more information is need, they don't think they will vote tonight. instead they will go back to staff ask them to meet with the police department and traffic engineers to provide more analysis and after that, they will take a vote on whether or
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not to add more cameras. in oakland, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. gas prices in california are still the highest in the nation but there's been a bit of a reprieve. prices jumped only a fraction of a cent overnight. at the beginning of the month, the average price of a gallon of regular gas was $4.17. the price rose 50 cents since then up to $4.67 on average a gallon. since gas is so expensive, drivers are turning to electric cars. at an astonishing rate. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez tells us one south bay dealer had a record-breaking weekend. len. >> reporter: electric cars have always been popular in the bay area and california in general but sales are surging nationwide and this is the car people are after, the chevy volt. you know, the price of gasoline is starting to push people in the direction of plug-in vehicles and $5 seems to be the sweet spot at least when it comes to sales of these types of vehicles.
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>> all right. hop in and drive and off we go. >> reporter: andre boulet just bought a plug-in hybrid chevy volt and now feels like a genius especially when he drives past the gas stations pumping octane at nearly $5 a gallon. >> i think i'm sure glad i bought this car because i bought it three weeks ago and i have driven 567 miles on the odometer and i still haven't put in gas. >> reporter: his timing was perfect but he is not the only one taking van. -- he is not the only one taking advantage. >> volt is currently our number one selling vehicle. >> reporter: with gas prices surging, so are sales of the volt and other electric and hybrid cars. >> we sold 18 over the past weekend and the past 45 days we have sold over 100 of these vehicles. >> reporter: that's about three times the normal number of monthly sales. >> i think when gas gets near $5 a gallon, people come out and seek these type of cars and are looking specifically for electric or hybrid type cars that get great gas mileage. >> when the battery is empty i can continue going on gas. >> reporter: the volt has two motors, one electric, one gas.
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the gas motor only kicks in when electric power is running low. compared to other popular hybrids and full gasoline cars its size, the volt is cheaper to drive over the long term even though at close to $40,000, it's more expensive to begin with. >> i can take the car up to san francisco and putter around the whole day and come back and barely use any gas and when i'm commuting to work, i don't use any gas at all. >> reporter: just think about that last line, gas-free commuting. that's one of the reasons why the government is giving big subsidies on cars like this. it retails for sticker price $45,000. but you can get about $10,000 in discounts a big chunk of that coming from the government. they want people to be in these types of vehicles. >> all right. len ramirez in the south bay, thank you. now to find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood, log on to it's not a done deal yet but the alameda county sheriff
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is looking into using drones to help fight crime and as soon as that word got out people raised concerns about privacy. cbs 5 reporter john ramos on the technology and the apprehension. >> reporter: from his 12th floor office, alameda county sheriff greg ahern has a bird's- eye view of oakland's lake merritt. and that's a useful view it have when trouble is breaking out, as well. so for that reason -- >> started looking into the potential usage of a drone within alameda county sheriff's office. >> reporter: the sheriff's office used to have a helicopter. but it became too expensive. so now they're considering buying one of the new generation of camera-equipped drones being market to law enforcement. they can be assembled from the trunk of a car and give an instant aerial view to police. sheriff ahern says it would only be used in emergencies. >> simply deployed in a tactical situation when the people on the ground thought it would be beneficial to have an aerial view of what was happening. >> reporter: but the public has
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mixed feelings about the miniature spy planes. >> you have to weigh the positive and the negatives. will they spy or help solve crimes? >> i welcome it especially in oakland. >> kind of messed up spying like that using device is something else. >> reporter: the sheriff says this is a crime-fighting tool and nothing more but when you talk to those who oppose it, it's not distrust of the technology but of the people using it. and that's especially true of mark winston who says assurances of good intentions are not enough. >> in my experience, where there's potential for the government to abuse technology that allows them to conduct further snooping, they call it surveillance on the public at large, such abuse occurs. >> i know they are concerned with the privacy issue and what would happen if the drone was videotaping 24 hours a day, which is not the case. >> reporter: the drones can cost up to $100,000. but reassuring a suspicious public may be the toughest sell
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of all. in oakland, john ramos, cbs 5. a rescues mission at san francisco's pier 39 for two sea lions tangled in fishing wire. crews managed to capture only one of them and even that one wasn't easy. cbs 5 reporter patrick sedillo shows us some exclusive video of the rescue. >> reporter: it was a rescue days in the making. >> it's pretty good to be able to get them at this point. as you can see, it's really tough. these guys are hard. and it's not easy even when we use darts and things like this. >> reporter: the 100-pound sea lions nicknamed the blonde bomber was first spotted last week with fishing line wrapped around his neck. he showed up again at pier 39 this morning looking distressed. the marine mammal center arrived with a crew of at least a dozen and with one shot he was taken down. >> yeah, i still feel like they need to get to him a little quicker. >> reporter: it took some time
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to get to him because of safety reasons. >> we have to balance out what's the best for the animal take our time be really careful. so this is typical for one of these guys that's entangled. they are pretty good otherwise. >> reporter: they had a little trouble getting him into his rescue carrier and then whisked him into sausalito to get him tlc. >> we were guessing 45 kilos. i would be waging he is heavier than that and i think that's part of why you saw that sedation wasn't quite as much as we would like. generally like to have them laying down. >> reporter: even though the wounds look bad, he could be released within a few days. so today was a really lucky day. for the blonde bomber. obviously fighter. patrick sedillo cbs 5. >> almost went in the drink. as for the other entangled sea lion it disappeared into the water apparently after a tour boat scared it. checking in with brian
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hackney, happy tuesday. >> the same to you miss king. >> beautiful day for us in the bay area. >> we have those fair weather cumulus clouds bubbling over the mountain ranges and now with the heat of the day gone, they are kind of flattening outgoing away and temperatures are falling, as well. might even get some showers falling. we'll tell you about that. let's head out and look from mount vaca over to the sheets of clouds presaging low pressure off the shore that will move into the bay area south of the bay area actually and with it bring a little chance of showers. the numbers right now as we look toward the bay bridge are mostly in the 60s with livermore being the exception at 70 degrees. 69 at concord. did you feel it? you shouldn't have unless you are really getting your signal on a powerful antenna down at the pinnacles. thea 3.2 quake 70 minutes ago the creeping section of the san andreas fault. as you come to the bay area, a little pact of showers abeam
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san francisco 80 miles too far offshore to do anything with us now but as the low tracks south and east, we still center a lingering shower chance through tomorrow night. especially for the south bay. then on thursday the warming trend begins inland temperatures 80 by the weekend. this is the upper level causing the problems low pressure spinning offshore moving south and then over santa barbara begin to kick inland. as it it does, we could have showers overnight. mostly sunny at the airport tomorrow and high of 65. for new york and chicago and denver partly cloudy skies, so not a bad day to travel. and not a bad day to stay home. 37 degrees in santa rosa tomorrow. -- 73 degrees in santa rosa tomorrow. another day in the 70s tomorrow afternoon and evening though in the south bay we could pick up showers and that's why we have a few showers indicated in the extended forecast. look at the numbers inland. mostly in the mid-80s. warming up then for tomorrow. we'll have an update in 30
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minutes. stay tuned. >> thanks. and helping students who feel alone at school. coming up, the bay area initiative to battle social isolation. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15%
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. do-or-die game-3 for the san francisco giants. let's get right to dennis o'donnell fr the latest. wo games to none, tonight the do or die game three for the san francisco giants. we are going to find out what's going on, dennis. >> we have breaking news as we mike it say in the business. it's just ended. they were down two games to none. the giants bats have gone stone cold. they needed help. they got some just moments ago in cincinnati. game tied at one. top of the tenth, a chopper to third scott roland has to make it but he can't. arias beats it out. posey scores and that's the run that keeps the giants season alive. they win 2-1 despite just three hits in the game. so barry zito on the hill
6:24 pm
tomorrow. we'll have more coming up in a half hour in this newscast. also, the as are leading 1-0. it's all good! >> yeah. >> hometown boys. >> you got it. >> summer continues. >> exactly. >> for at least a half hour. [ laughter ] the beverage industry spending big bucks to defeat a soda tax measure on the richmond ballot. the no on n campaign spent $2.2 million compared to just $25,000 by supporters of the tax. richmond's measure would levy a penny per ounce tax on businesses that sell soft drinks and other sugar sweetened beverages. supporters say it would help fight childhood obesity. opponents say it would cost businesses millions of dollars in lost sales and raise prices for consumers. the school lunch program is bee used to teach students a lesson in betting along. it's part of an initiative called, no one eats alone. the idea is to combat social isolation in teens. and today's events showed students that a simple act like
6:25 pm
sitting with someone at lunchtime can have a huge impact. >> so i know how it feels so i'll try to include them so they will be happy and i'll be happy, too. >> this is davison middle school and administrators say this program is also a first step to prevent bullying. >> simple great program. >> it is. i mean, think of it when were you a kid. it's a terrible thing to have to sit there all by yourself. >> i never sat by myself. >> no, no, me. [ laughter ] >> i did. in the knacks half hour the bay area once again proves -- in the next half hour the bay area once again proves to be a political cash cow. how much president obama raised in his brief visit that wrapped up today. >> it was in short ludicrous and exactly what was to be expected of a deviant. >> the statement from jerry sandusky. his sentence and who he said he wanted to hug. >> and the daredevil stunt that ended in a wipeout. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians.
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today. but not before raking in more campaign cas. the president says good by to the bay area today but not
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before raking in more campaign cash. with california all but guaranteed to fall into his column the president won't be spending the campaign catch here. but cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us he is offering his bay area supporters a job. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after he landed into sfo, president obama is on to the next part of his campaign trail. but not without waving good-bye first. he didn't leave the bay area. hety handed. his fundraising added $2 million to the campaign's $1 billion goal not leaving the bay area empty-handed. with one month until the election he told supporters last night to get, quote, almost obsessive about the election. >> so i need you in the election. the next 29 days. we cannot afford to be complacent. >> reporter: last night mr. obama urged voters to join him in the final push to reach out to voters in those states. he says he hopes to continue
6:30 pm
what he started four years ago. >> we passed healthcare reform lee form also known as obamacare. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the president also added his own sesame street sarcasm after governor mitt romney said he promised cuts to unnecessary funding like pbs. >> finally somebody is cracking down on big bird. [ laughter ] >> elmo has been seen in a white suburban driving for the border. [ laughter ] >> oscar is hiding out in his trash can. we're cracking down on 'em! governor romney's plan is to let wall street run wild again but he's gonna bring the hammer down on sesame street. cate caugiran, cbs 5. they appear to be engaged in a game of angry bird. in ohio mitt romney took a sesame street swipe of his own
6:31 pm
right back at the president. >> time like this for the president to get up and say, as he has over these last several days, that he is focused on saving big bird is -- [ laughter ] >> -- is kind of a strange thing because i'm focused on helping the american people get good jobs and brighter prospects. >> yeah! [ applause and cheers ] >> president obama has had the edge in ohio for weeks. but romney's post-debate popularity bounce has put him back in the game. in fact, a new cnn poll shows the battle for the buckeye state is tight. that poll gives the president just a 4-point edge there with a 3.5% margin of error. with 18 electoral votes, ohio could be a make-or-break prize come november. voters there have picked the winner in each of the last 12 presidential elections. and no republican has ever won the white house without it. the presidential candidates answering our questions online on they are tackling a different issue every day.
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today's topic, the role of government, big versus small. the president may be long gone from the golden state but a former commander-in-chief spent the day stumping for him in california. at a rally at uc-davis, former president bill clinton said he wanted to provide a fact check that he says was missing from last week's presidential debate. mr. clinton said republicans failed at their number one goal of keeping unemployment above 8%. >> we don't need any lectures on self-reliance what we need is a road map to a brighter future. >> mr. clinton also told the crowd of college students to vote for four sacramento area democratic congressional candidates. jerry sandusky will probably spend the rest of his life in prison. today, the former penn state assistant coach learned his punishment for sexually assaulting young boys. cbs reporter randall pinkston on that sentence as well as sandusky's rambling statement. >> reporter: sandusky said nothing as he was escorted from
6:33 pm
the courthouse after being ordered to serve 30 to 60 years behind bars. the judge could have given him more than 400 years in prison for sexually abusing 10 boys over 15 years. >> he could have imposed a sentence of many centuries. and there's really no point to it. he imposed a life sentence. >> reporter: three of sandusky's victims delivered emotional statements one of them looked sandusky in the eye all of them held back tears. one victim said, quote, i have been left with deep painful wounds that you caused and have been buried in the garden of my heart for many years. sandusky delivered a rambling 15-minute statement saying he was not guilty, that he wanted to hug his wife who was there to support him. he said he missed his family and his dog. he quoted the row and referred to the movie seabiscuit. his attorney said he was going to talk about his defense an accusers but amen dole la said he advised sandusky to stress
6:34 pm
his good qualities. >> he rewrote his statement. it didn't have the same context. >> reporter: the prosecutor called the statement self- centered. >> it was in short ludicrous and exactly what was to be expected of a deviant. >> reporter: the judge called sandusky dangerous and his claims of a vast conspiracy against him unbelievable. sandusky won't be eligible for parole until he is 98. in bellefonte, pennsylvania, randall pinkston, cbs 2 news. >> sandusky plans to appeal his conviction. he will soon be transferred to a prison facility for psychological and medical evaluations before he is assigned what officials call a home prison. your best friends and can get you into a lot of trouble. >> it is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country, the warning today here in the bay area. >> the snafu that put a supersonic freefall on hold. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, there is going to be a bump in social security benefits next year. but it won't be much. the american institute for economic research estimates recipients can expect a bump of less than 2% in their benefits. that will account for a rise in cost of living. the bump is about half the amount social security benefits increased last year. investment fraud is rising at an alarming rate. today u.s. attorneys met in the bay area to warn a group that is most vulnerable. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains why seniors are becoming atarget. >> i heard we can make 10% a month if it's too good to be true, it usually is. >> reporter: but jim and shirley peterson ignored their instincts because they implicitly trusted the people urging them to invest
6:38 pm
in a sure fire deal. >> they were our friends our best friends. and the main thing was, we had an insurance policy by the california bar association. >> and they said the principal was insured, you know. >> so we couldn't lose. >> reporter: or so they thought. >> your best friends can get you into a lot of trouble. >> reporter: the petersons, who once fancied themselves financially savvy, are now sharing their story. >> they showed us their books. >> reporter: because they believe that if it could happen to them, investor fraud could happen to anyone. >> in the last 18 months, the united states attorneys have handled cases against 800 defendants in investor fraud cases involving losses of more than $20 billion. >> reporter: and u.s. attorney melinda haag says many of the 100,000 victims are retirees. for the same reason crooks rob banks they are now targeting retirement accounts, they go where the money is. >> some of the best deals are the deals you don't make. >> reporter: that's why u.s.
6:39 pm
attorneys have organized a series of summits across the country bringing together investigators and victims like the petersons in an effort to educate unsuspecting consumers on one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. >> had we been able to go to something like this i don't think we ever would be in a position we are right now. >> reporter: financial fraud red flags, if someone guarantees your investment is safe, they promise returns of over 10% a year, or they tell you that investment is confidential. amend it's important to remember these con artists often develop close relationships for the sole purpose of defrauding someone. the petersons' best friends waited a year before asking them to invest. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. on the surface, you might not see much progress. but coming up, the action behind the scenes. presidio parkway transformation. >> got a beautiful evening in the bay area and surf's up in
6:40 pm
hawaii. we'll have video after a break. what does president obama think of the 49ers? i'm dennis o'donnell. we have his opinion coming up. and how the giants kept hope alive today in cincinnati. reaction straight ahead. ,, ,,,, i woke up with this horrible rash on my right side.
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an intense burning sensation like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a little girl... i said, yes, i did. i don't think anybody ever thinks they're going to get shingles. but it happened to me.
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spring-- there's been little news abt after a dramatic demolition job this spring, there's just been a little news about the doyle drive construction project because work on the roadway that connects the golden gate bridge to san francisco is happening out of sight. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman on where to look and what's coming. reporter: it was quite a show watching that old ugly doyle drive come down. but that was back in april. still looks pretty much the same today. so it's been like a couple of months. so you know what? what are they going to do with this? these are the leftovers. when is this going down? don't think they have been sleeping sawing these. >> right now they are doing the little things.
6:44 pm
>> reporter: caltrans says it may look like nothing is going on but it is and gave us a behind-the-scenes tour. >> so a big part of the project is part of the work that people don't see as much is the utility work. >> reporter: they have a lot of stuff that's underground and needs to be moved because they have plenty more highway coming in so now they are moving things like water, gas, telephone lines. >> coming weeks what people will begin to see is the demolition of the old high viaduct. you can see the new and the old. >> reporter: right next to each other. they are going to finish the job knocking down that old highway, the leftover part, one piece at a time. >> still actually do it in the opposite order that it was constructed. >> reporter: roadway goes first, then the columns. that makes all kinds of sense. then they will start building another roadway and tunnel that curvy part you now drive on, it's just temporary. >> so if you visualize the roadway continuing along this retaining wall, that will be the permanent roadway. >> reporter: there will eventually be two roads, one northbound, one southbound and two tunnels with a walkway on top. you should be seeing the work starting sometime in november.
6:45 pm
it's all supposed to be over in 2015 on what could be the world's most beautiful construction site. mike sugerman, cbs 5. well, down in l.a., they are getting ready for a big endeavour you might say. early friday morning the space shuttle endeavour is going to begin its road trip from l.a.x. to its permanent home downtown at the california science center. so today large swaths of steel plate were laid down in preparation of that trek. not quit a parade but some businesses say that shuttle move may help bring in some extra cash. >> i am hoping and praying that the streets are going to be filled with hungry people and i am prepared to make the best of this opportunity. >> from the log cabin to the space shuttle? >> that is exactly right. >> the 12-mile journey will take two days to complete. the weather put a hold on a 23-mile freefall. the balloon was inflated and
6:46 pm
ready to take extreme athlete felix baumgartner to the stratosphere but the winds in the new mexico were just too strong. he hoped to be the first to shatter three world records and the sound barrier. he is going to try that supersonic feat on thursday. >> baumgartner's bummed. >> they are doing that in roswell, of course. [ laughter ] >> where else but roswell. >> yeah. >> going to take a little alien friend with him. [ laughter ] >> nice day. on a clear day you can see forever. we practically could. 64 at oakland at the airport in san francisco 62 degrees. and as the sun sinks slowly in the west, there's a few drops out there offshore that might affect us in the next 24 hours. we'll show you that.
6:47 pm
warming on thursday and weekend in the low 80s. september and october if you like nice weather. nationally that first breath of old man winter is moving into the northern plains, eastern seaboard is frosty and cold and wet so let's think warm thought by heading to hawaii where the surf is up big time. and awahoo on the north shore at sunset beach they had towering waves up to 20 feet waves so high that they had to warn 500 people about the dangerous conditions. four people were injured. but the ones who braved the waves certainly got some good rides. this is again off the north shore. sunset beach just off kamihaha highway. beautiful conditions if you like that sort of thing. if you are going to be grounded in the bay area the next couple of days, tonight we'll look for a slight chance of a few sprinkles favoring the south
6:48 pm
bay after midnight tonight. otherwise the numbers around 9:00 will be from the upper 50s to the low 60s around the bay area. satellite-radar showing us the culprit, low pressure that's spinning abeam the bay area is just going to press south. it's not going to -- if this were to get kicked inland now we could actually get a thunderstorm threat out of it but because it's moving from here to around point mugu it won't kick inland too much. tomorrow a shower or two in the south bay tomorrow afternoon. it could be happening at the moment that paul's on the air tomorrow night so stay tuned on that. rest of the bay area will look for variable sunshine tomorrow temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s beginning the day. pinpoint forecast if you are heading out of the bay area to the great valley sacramento and north from 75 at sacramento to 80 at redding, if you are really heading out tomorrow at the airport looks okay, westerlies to 30 miles an hour in the afternoon and partly cloudy skies from los angeles to new york city which finely gets a little bit of sunshine,
6:49 pm
high 64. overnight lows tonight mostly in the 40s a little chillier at santa rosa. 47 degrees there. 53 fairfield. let's do it by the numbers. south bay the same as today. we came down in the north bay and up in the south bay a little bit today. tomorrow's numbers in the 70s for the most part. 74 pittsburg, antioch and brentwood. napa 73. north bay nice, santa rosa at 73. bodega bay 62. daly city 64. showers lingering through thursday morning and warm toward the weekend saturday and sunday. the numbers in the upper 70s and low 80s inland. and then next monday and tuesday a week from now, it looks nice and warm. and speaking of hot, about time for the bay area's sports teams. we'll get an update after a break.
6:50 pm
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the giants in game three w't too complicated.. " " 11 days ago a no-hitter against pittsburg. the game plan against the giants in game 3 wasn't complicated. >> did you talk about the importance of scouting and pitching to that scouting and positioning? >> man, you're going to have to [ indiscernible ] i don't know. i just...
6:53 pm
whatever goes on behind me i pay attention but i have no control over that. you're going to have dusty that one. >> bailey opposed by ryan vogelsong whose job was to keep the giants season alive but after a walk and hit, jay bruce ropes a base hit. zach kosar scores and cincinnati has the early lead. but vogelsong settled down got some help from his buddies, hunter pence sliding into foul territory. vogelsong allows one running through five, does a great job. but they need offense. 3rd inning bailey plucks polanco on the shoulder. giants get a base runner. can i have an amen, please is it thank you. after a walk and bunt, pagan to center, they score without the benefit of a base hit. the giants didn't get a base hit until the six inning. bailey was mowing them down striking out ten in the game tying a career-high. top of the 10th inning, jonathan walking, scott roland can't come up with it and arias
6:54 pm
is safe. buster posey scores and that's how it ends. the giants win 2-1. they win and stay alive. >> it's good to get this one and move on and you never know what can happen. but i do know that we had to win today. we had no choice. and we couldn't do much in early that game. but these guys fought hard. it's a game that you look back and you are thankful your pitching came through and kept them at bay to give us a chance. we have a break there at the end. >> barry zito will take the hill for game 4 tomorrow. not many have it better now than the 49ers who face the new york giants on sunday at candlestick. alex smith is coming off one of the best weeks of his career. his first pitch of the giants game just a bit outside. but then he threw three touchdowns in a rout over the buffalo bills on sunday. last night, his week got better when he joined vernon davis and
6:55 pm
kevin johnson at the obama fundraiser in san francisco. let's put it this way. the 49ers had a better week than the president. >> i have had a chance to meet them. they seem like wonderful young men and -- and -- and just so impressive and poised and so i can't help but wish them the best of luck until they play my bears in week 11. >> boo! >> what happened? what happened? come on. [ laughter ] >> never go against the 49ers. >> so dana king was asking me, dennis, what is a quarterback rating? i'm glad you asked. if you figure in completion percentage yards, touchdowns and interceptions, a perfect quarterback rate something 158.3. smith has 108.7. and he leads the national football league much to dana's happiness. the warriors open the season on halloween and fans can expect more treats than tricks this year. the key to the season is that man!
6:56 pm
the stra andrew bogus who came over from the bucks last season didn't play a game but the former overall first pick says he is not injury prone and should be good to go when the season starts. >> like i have said many a time, soft tissue injuries, due to lack of conditioning or being overweight or high body fat percentage we definitely have alarm bells ringing but i play as hard as i can and sometimes i get hurt doing it. >> if you read the papers every day you will drive yourself crazy. if you don't do it at all you don't know what -- you have to find a balance. this isn't exactly evel knievel crossing the snake river but this guy probably could have used a parachute and at the zion national park in utah. here's what it was like on board. 68 foot jump across the >> dana wants to know if they
6:57 pm
did a practice run. this is a 68-foot jump across the canyon. plenty of distance but didn't have the landing. bruised heels were the only injury. >> makes my stomach all queasy. >> where is his mother is it. >> you remember when knievel tried to jump the snake river? he got 20 yards out and pulled the parachute. >> that got huge coverage, jewels bergman abc science he had door was there on the scene. >> wi world of sports. >> great show at that time. >> a while ago. >> the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. >> good stuff. >> so 108 quarterback what do you call that? >> quarterback rating and that's very good. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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